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Montessori Cultural Enrichment 2016

Monday Enrichment – Chinese Language and South American Studies

The Monday Cultural Enrichment Program provides opportunities for students to experience and understand the traditional practices, history, and language of cultures outside of their own. Through experiencing a little of how others live, we open the door for empathy with those who live differently from us. We believe that by providing children and their families an understanding of other cultures and fostering this empathy, they will grow to support a local and global culture of peace.

Plans for 2016-2017

Our Chinese language lessons are continuing into their third year in 2016-2017. The children in the Primary Program will continue to learn conversational Chinese through songs, movements and games while our cultural lessons will leave their focus on Asia and begin exploring the culture and traditions of South America.

The children in the Elementary Program will continue to learn about the traditions and cultures of China through art projects, hands on activities and some food sampling and will be able to expand their use of the Chinese language during our meetings, but also begin a cultural tour of South America that will focus mainly on Argentina, Columbia, Brazil and Peru, with brief detours to other countries. Cultural practices both ancient and modern as well as an overview of art history and artists will be included as we discover and celebrate the beautiful and vibrant cultures that call South America home.

Each year a different area of our world is explored.

Friday Enrichment – Outdoor Classroom (ODC): Focused Experiences in Nature

We are excited to be exploring and utilizing native ways of gathering, of learning, and of building community. On the ODC “shelves” we have many kinds of rich and rewarding work in store for the children, from fine art to woodworking to gardening and we will be having regular adventures in the woods and wetlands as we deepen our understanding of ourselves and the natural world.