Our Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission, as informed by the works of Maria Montessori, is to create a living model of a culture of peace for the students, families, teachers and community of Village Montessori School of Bluemont LLC.

The mission of the Village Montessori School of Bluemont LLC is

  • To provide our students the necessary tools, in a prepared environment, indoors and out, to foster the joy of learning.
  • To assist our students in their discovery of themselves and their purpose and aid them in overcoming obstacles that prevent them from becoming the adult they are meant to be.

Village Montessori School of Bluemont LLC is a co-educational “Children’s House” committed to the Montessori philosophy and principles. The school offers an individualized learning environment that responds to a child’s unique abilities, learning styles, and interest through excellent teachers, and a specially prepared and fully equipped Montessori classroom, both inside and out. VMS staff meets the diverse backgrounds of the children in an atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation. We have expanded our facility and programs as the needs in our community have dictated. We now provide Montessori training for parents, primary, elementary, and middle school age children. As our children grow and the insight and understanding of their parents grow we will continue to keep pace with the needs they express.

Village Montessori School of Bluemont LLC has been established in Loudoun County at a time when it is imperative that we educate our children with a sense of responsibility to family, school friends, community, country and our global neighbors as well as themselves. Village Montessori School of Bluemont LLC seeks to undertake projects that teach by example the process of giving a helping hand to those less fortunate than ourselves. These projects are not required, but will be undertaken by individuals and groups as they feel led to participate. Though not a requirement for enrollment, making these kind of experiences available for participation is an integral part of the school culture.

We would love to answer any questions you have! Give us a call at (540) 454-7514, schedule a tour, or send us a message.