“We shall walk together on this path of life, for all things are part of the  universe and are connected with each other to form one whole unity.”
— Maria Montessori in To Educate the Human Potential

“Vineet and I also wanted to take a moment to say thank you all for your incredible care, attention and love that make VMS a truly magical village.  The transition to Primary is off to such a great start for Leela and we are certain this is because of all the extra steps you all have taken to make it such a smooth transition.  Beginning with introducing Primary work into the Stepping Stones classroom, the visits from Stepping Stones into the large classroom, then the individual 1:1 visit in the classroom with you this summer, the home visit, the integration day, the weekly newsletter and the feedback we are given during pick up, which help us carryover things at home – this is all an incredible process that reflects the uniqueness of VMS!!!!  This process, and the school you have created are unlike any other.  As someone who works with children with special needs, I have the opportunity to collaborate with schools across Northern Virginia and I have never seen such care before. Our family is so very thankful we stumbled across this Village! We look forward to another wonderful year with you!”

Pooja Aggarwal

Thank you all so much for everything you do on a daily basis. I couldn’t have made a better decision in sending my son here. 

It’s always so nice to know I can reach out for advice when needed (and it’s been needed!). It’s been amazing to see the positive changes in not only Colton but our whole family since joining VMS. 

Thank you so much, 

The Colley Family

Josi Colley

“I just wanted to say thanks for having the Elementary camp out again this year. I know it is extra work for everyone during a busy back to school season, but the kids really enjoy themselves. And I am always amazed at how well behaved and cooperative they are – even when it is windy and cold!”

—Jenny Hunter

“Also want to let you know that Aidan is thoroughly enjoying school. Yesterday he told me how you “Demonstation’ed” some blocks. 🙂 I love the big words he is learning…it matches the BIG dinosaur names that he knows. Thanks for all you and the entire staff do each day to provide such a wonderful environment for the kids.

Michele Spahr

“Observing the class was truly a treasure. I was able to watch various ages in various stages of development as they worked, engrossed in the task at hand. What was truly wonderful was to witness the looks on their faces as they performed their work, extremely focused yet delighted in discovery. The dedication with which the children approached their work definitely demonstrated to me the love of learning that the Montessori method looks to foster. I would absolutely recommend this experience to other parents–it is one thing to read about the children’s day but another thing entirely to see it play out before your eyes.”

Lisa Gasque

“This morning, I had a five dollar bill on the counter. Charlotte picked it up and announced, “That’s Abraham Lincoln. He’s also on the penny. He was shot a long time ago. He loved to read books.” I said, “Wow, you learned a lot at school,” and she said (matter of factly), “That’s the power of school.”  How awesome is that? Thank you for helping her love learning.”

Ginny Walker

“Dear VMS Staff, It was a privilege to be with you all today to celebrate Grandparents Day. The discipline & control of the children with kindness & gentleness was lovely. I can see why they all make such great progress. Looking forward to many more!
Thank you all very much, warmest regards,

Liz Holt

“Hi Toby, I wanted to let you know how much both my Dad and our son enjoyed Grandparents day. Our son had been looking forward to it for weeks and my Dad enjoyed the time with him and learning more about what a Montessori school is. I know it’s a lot of work for you and the rest of the teachers to have visitors, but I wanted to pass along my thanks. It was a big hit in our house.”

Barbara Bessette

“Sam is having a great summer so far – he has learned to swim! I bring this up because the way he showed such confidence and followed direction was such a huge change from last summer when he wanted nothing to do with it and much preferred to just play on the side. I really feel the Montessori model contributed to the sort of calm and centered attitude he had toward learning to swim.”

Megan O’Brien

“We went to Harris Teeter tonight and had dinner. Sam got chicken strips. He saw this one and said “this chicken looks like South America”. He wanted us to take a picture and send to you both!”

—Jenny Hunter