Aftercare Clubs

Wilderness Club

Come join us for our special wilderness club where we are enjoying the outdoors and learn to understand the workings of nature and our own unique connection to it. Our program gives the children the opportunity to experience and learn about biomes, plants, animals and more. The students engage with the animal and plant life around them, but also with the first people of this land, the Native Americans.

Team Building Nature Games train the children’s senses, teach them how to walk in the woods and how to orient themselves in nature. At the example of the Natives the children practice their wilderness survival skills. This club is very multifaceted and stirs up a love and passion in the children for the outdoors.

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Our STREAM Club aims to entice our students to develop a love for Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Math in a peaceful setting that allows them to explore, create, question, and experiment. Through discovery based learning, students research and carry out experiments, create artistic masterpieces, engage in team activities and see how art and science works.

Scratch Club

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language developed for children by the MIT Media Lab. Our students explore this innovative technology to make their own stories, animations, games, music, and art. We provide our students the opportunity to become fluent in digital technology that they will encounter throughout their future.

Spanish Club

In this club we are introducing the children to the Spanish language and culture in a playful fashion. The kids learn first words, phrases and expression. They also learn more about South America, Spain, the Spanish speaking countries, their cultures and traditions. You can never start teaching a second language soon enough. The younger the kids the easier they learn while having a lot of fun.

Zumba Club

Come and dance to the spicy rhythms of Latin soul while you exercise and enjoy a family fun time! This Zumba class is open to children 4+. That means no cut off age. The staff as well as the parents may participate. We have a certified Zumba instructor on staff to lead the club.

Drama Club

We focus on many aspects of the performing arts! Putting on a show is much more than just walking on a stage, and much of what goes into building a performance are entire art forms in themselves. We cover topics such as auditioning, stage directions, prop building, costume design, puppet making, mask building, storytelling, improvisation, music design, and more.

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