Montessori Cultural Enrichment

Monday Enrichment – Spanish Language and Culture of Spanish Speaking Countries. 

The Monday Cultural Enrichment Program provides opportunities for students to experience and understand the traditional practices, history, and language of cultures outside of their own. Through experiencing a little of how others live, we open the door for empathy with those who live differently from us. We believe that by providing children and their families an understanding of other cultures and fostering this empathy, they will grow to support a local and global culture of peace.

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We are slowly traveling around the globe as we partake of a different language. The children in the Primary Program will learn conversational Spanish from a native born Spanish Speaker. They will be experiencing songs, movement, and games and we will supplement these with art-based cultural projects that highlight the unique flavor of Spanish speaking artists who display different talents and use different types of media.

The children in the Elementary Program will learn about the traditions and cultures of Europe and other Spanish speaking countries through art projects, hands on activities and some food sampling and will be able to build  their use of the Spanish language during our meetings. Cultural practices both ancient and modern as well as an overview of art history and artists will be included as we discover and celebrate the beautiful and vibrant cultures that Spanish Speaking people display wherever they call home. The upper Elementary students are participating in Montessori Model United Nations this year and have been assigned the country of (please insert their countries) to represent. To prepare our upper elementary  will be exploring the history and culture of their MMUN country as it will be woven through out their curriculum.

Each year a different area of our world is explored.

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