Middle School

VMS’s Middle School program is designed to help prepare the Middle School student for the adult they will soon become. Each year, our students are challenged to make and run a fully functional small business that interfaces with the community, providing students a taste of the business world and developing skills ranging from marketing and accounting to product design and business meeting etiquette. Language Arts, History, and Civics are practiced through the Socratic Dialogue process that encourages students to have deeper discussions with their peers about vital topics and their application in modern life.

Students oversee the school archaeology site as part of their science curriculum, do personalized foreign language and math study, develop several research projects of their choice throughout the year, and participate in in-depth artistic studies such as textile arts, wood carving, bookbinding, and basket weaving. Traditional local folk arts and outdoor skills are woven throughout the program to give students a strong sense of the rich heritage of the area they will soon inherit.

Montessori Middle School students walk an individualized path while being supported and learning to support the global community around them.

Montessori Middle School Business Page

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