Toddler Program

On Hold due to Covid-19

“Stepping Stones” Montessori Toddler Class

Our Toddler Class is full for this school year. We have limited availability next year. Schedule a tour today!

The goal of our Stepping Stones Program is to “help the child help himself” while being introduced to a community where they can explore and develop their independence in a caring and nurturing prepared Montessori environment. Children ages 18 to 36 months develop a sense of self and satisfy their innate curiosity through experiences designed to encourage language development, grace and courtesy, gross and fine motor skills, problem solving, and sensorial exploration. (Have younger kids? Check out our program for younger children.) The toddler’s strong sense of autonomy is encouraged and self-esteem is enhanced through social experiences in a small class. This is a great time for the toddler to gain self-confidence and trust with peers as well as teachers.

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We are always available to help if the child asks. Music, art, cooking, grace and courtesy lessons, and story time are part of the schedule as the child learns to enjoy being part of a community of his peers. Concentration and communication skills grow rapidly in the prepared environment of lessons given one on one. Lessons are designed to help the young child experience order and sequence, setting the stage for later success as they engage in the academic skills of writing, reading, and mathematics. The environment is rich in manipulatives, and your child will be encouraged to touch and explore everything!

Parent Education

Our Stepping Stones staff is always available to lend a helping hand as parents navigate challenging toddler-age experiences, such as toileting and table manners. We work with both parents and children to help the child be successful in their school community, by providing daily lessons on topics such as taking turns, learning to move gracefully in the classroom, and how to find peaceful solutions to disagreements among friends. The Stepping Stones class builds a strong foundation in learning for the young child for all future school and community experiences.

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