VMS students participated in Indian Village opening ceremony

9/19/16 – The students of Village Montessori School participated in the Opening Ceremony of the Indian Village at the Bluemont Fair this past Saturday, September 17. Over the summer and for the first three weeks of school, students had been helping Native American artists prepare and build an authentic Indian Village. On Saturday it was time to open the village up to the public. Thousands visited the attraction over the weekend.

After accompanying the procession of the Native American honor guard through the fairgrounds to the actual Village, the students were part of the ribbon cutting ceremony. Chris and René White, the Founders of the Native American Organization ‘Sanctuary on the Trail’ and organizers of the event asked Toby Gress, Owner and Head of School at Village Montessori School at Bluemont, to cut the ribbon and officially open the Village. The children then guided the Native American dancers on stage for their performances.

A grant awarded by the Virginia Commission of the Arts and tremendous local support, including a generous donation by Ken and Julia Falke of Bluemont, and the dedication of Chris and Rene White and all artists involved made this amazing experience possible. Activities will continue throughout the school year.

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