Montessori Primary Program

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Our Primary Program is a classic Montessori model for children ages 3-6. All children attend five mornings a week. As readiness increases, the option of adding afternoons is available. Children who have reached the stage of readiness for their Kindergarten year attend at least three afternoons a week as well as the five mornings. Monday and Friday afternoon enrichment programs are also available.

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The children remain in the Primary class for a three year cycle to ensure they receive the benefits of holding each role in the multi-aged group. The multi-aged prepared environment mirrors a family structure, with older children serving as models and helpers for the younger while experiencing responsibility and leadership.

The prepared Montessori environment includes both indoor and outdoor experiences with:

  • Practical Life (includes Grace and Courtesy and Peace Education)
  • Sensorial
  • Mathematics
  • Language
  • Cultural Materials

Please see our Environment / Curriculum and Outdoor Classroom pages for a detailed explanation of these areas.

Our goal in the Primary classroom is to support the whole child in every way possible to ensure that the normalized child emerges. Dr. Montessori wrote that the characteristics of the normalized child are:

  • a love of order
  • ability to concentrate and work alone
  • inner discipline
  • obedience
  • helpfulness
  • generosity
  • independence
  • initiative: choice beyond curiosity
  • empathy
  • respect of others
  • joy and enthusiasm

A Primary class is a busy place but the power of concentration is very visible as each child chooses and engages in their own work.